We love food at Little Fika and love finding local suppliers.  Where we can we also buy locally working to support the local community.

Sourdough Bread:

Jo Jangles lives and bakes in Kettleshume.  Her sourdough is created from a traditional starter and every loaf is made entirely by hand with organic flour, seeds and a spot of himalayan salt.  She also often names her breads after her lovely dogs.

Our Mushroom dish is a rather special mix of dried forest mushrooms from the local area and Sweden hand-picked by Get Funghi in New Mills.  We combine the rehydrated mushrooms with a fresh mix and add soya cream and the mushroom 'liquor' to create that lovely sauce.

Our meat is from Wilds Butchers five minutes from the cafe, so really really local!  Their ethos is about quality and locality, most of their meat comes from their own farm just over the hill.

Eggs is eggs, but our eggs have that gorgeous orange yolk that only comes from free ranging outdoor hens.  'Farm Girl' supplies us from just the other side of Chinley.

Coffee.  Where would we be without a good cup of coffee to start the day!  We found Peak Bean just down the road in Furness Vale, sourcing wonderful beans from all over the world from the cooperative ethos.  Roasted and blended by hand, we serve and sell the lovely Eccles Pike blend.

Most of our cakes and treats are a mix of baked here and handmade from local at home suppliers giving them that extra special homemade love.